About Us

Viking Web Designs is a small online freelancing business. We develop websites for businesses or anyone looking to get their name on the web.    

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Who We Are

 Hi! I am Travis, owner and lead web developer for Viking Web Designs. We are a small freelancing business based out of Tacoma Washington and have BIG goals in creating and managing new websites. We want to capture the image of your business and showcase it in a way that grabs your customers attention and creates more traffic for your business and essentially helping it gain new customers.

 After learning code languages, managing website creating software, like wordpress and bootstrap, and attending school for web development, I began to notice a lot of people I knew whom owned businesses had a website that was hard to navigate and was very outdated. I then took the knowledge I gained to start my own business and to help other businesses! Turning peoples ideas into works of art that look great AND grow their business to become more profitable is a dream come true for me. I am excited to start a visual dialog, learn about you and your business, and make something beautiful together.

Extraordinary Experiences

Here at Viking Web Design, we are experts in web design and do amazing work. Your website will look like a work of art that you’d be proud to show your customers!

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